Agama Web Buttons

Agama Web Buttons is an advanced and highly effective tool that will enables you to create professional quality, unique web buttons in a matter of minutes. With Agama web Buttons you can create a variety of 2D and 3D glassy, metallic, plastic and even XP or Vista style buttons from predefined templates. The installation contains 70 packages with more then 700 button templates for instant use. Creating rollover and animated buttons just got easy!

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Agama Web Menus

Agama Web Menus is an advanced and highly effective tool that will enables you to create perfect and fully functional DHTML menus (web menu) compatible with all commonly used browsers without being obliged to write even a single code line. Unlike most of competitive tools, Agama Web Menus brings you a really complex solution for web navigation. You can create not only traditional Popup menus, Dropdown menus, Navigation bars, Buttons menu or Bookmark menus with our program but also Tree menus or Dropdown tree menus. All of this is offered for the price of one single program!

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SchedOra is unique Oracle Desktop Tool that enables to you easily schedule new jobs as well as monitor, control and change all existing jobs. Many built-in wizards and dialogs accelerate managing Scheduler objects and save your time. With SchedOra you will have all your enterprise processes based on Oracle Scheduler (DBMS_SCHEDULER package) under control.

SchedOra will save your time, money and in many cases also your headache! Download time limited trial for free today and solve your problem with Oracle Scheduler tasks instantly.

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Ruler In Pocket

Precision Ruler in Pocket is great usefull app for your phone and tablet. Take your measurement anywhere you are, in market, at work, on the way..

- easy using
- metrics or imperial units
- ruler calibration
- sliding scale feature
- memory of measured values
- sharing of measured values (SMS, E-mail, Notepad..)
- lock/unlock display feature as prevent with device manipulation

And all this for free and without ads!

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Agama App Translator for Android
Agama App Translator for Android is unique useful tool that will allows you to easily localize your Android application to all world languages. There is Google Translator built-in the Agama App Translator. Just one click and text will be automatically translated.

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GPS TK Car Controller
GPS TK Car Controller allows you to easily and effectively control all your TK-based GPS trackers. Application is primarily tuned for the TK Star 816 OBD slot tracker but It could also work with other TK1xx or TK2xx GPS clones.

- Easy using
- Simple and effective use, especially for controlling alarms and locating the car
- The application primarily supports TK Star 816 GPS tracker but also experimentally other TK based GMS modules, ie TK1xx series
- Displays the status of individual alarms by the icon
- Display an incoming alarm with a warning icon
- The ability to control up to 100 GPS trackers!

GPS TK Car Controller

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