What is SchedOra?

SchedOra is a lightweight application that was designed to simplify the work of database administrators and help them create, organize and schedule jobs within Oracle Scheduler. Many built-in wizards and dialogs accelerate managing Oracle Scheduler objects and save your time. With SchedOra you will have all enterprise processes based on Oracle Scheduler (DBMS_SCHEDULER package) under control.

SchedOra will save your time, money and in many cases also headache! Download time limited trial for free today and solve your problem with Oracle Scheduler tasks instantly.

Powerful and effective user interface

No any specific SQL queries required with the SchedOra.

You need not know how to use DBMS_SCHEDULER package or how to write repeat interval expression based on calendar syntax. Just only click in UI.

UI of SchedOra implements wide support for all common Oracle Scheduler objects like JOB, PROGRAM, SCHEDULE as well as support for calendar syntax.

There are many built-in wizards and dialogs that accelerate your work with Oracle Scheduler.

Calendar Syntax Parser

No calendar syntax known required. SchedOra implements calendar syntax parser. You can create new or change existing task schedules just only by clicking standard UI controls like in the MS Windows task scheduler. Of course, you can write more complex calendar syntax expression by hand, in this case you probably appreciate functions for syntax check or feature that evaluate calendar expression and then visualise timestamps in calendar.

Job state indications

All jobs listed in grids as well as in the schemas tree are equipped with an icon that indicating current state of a job. You will easy recognize current job state like failed, broken or disabled at first sight.

All Lists of scheduler objects can be filtered according to several attributes, including the State attribute. This allows you to quickly navigate in large lists of scheduler objects..

Analysis and visualisation of job resource consumption

Keep jobs resource consumption under control. Job CPU consumption, duration and other statistics at first sight in well ordered form.

Wizards and smart dialogs

Many built-in wizards and smart dialogs will accelerate your work with the Oracle Scheduler.

For example, It's not easy to create Local External Program based on batch file on Windows system, in particular, when a batch file has several arguments. The unique Executable File Wizard enable you to create batch based programs easily.

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